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Poker is just like any other game. The best way to improve is by playing. Practice makes perfect! However, the game of poker also comes with a unique challenge. Typically, you need to risk real money in order to play. Today, we are going to provide you with an interesting solution.

Try playing on a play money poker app!

By playing on a site like this, you can practice without risking any of your hard earned dollars. In our opinion, the best play money poker site currently on the market is Replay Poker.

We are going to provide a complete Replay Poker review. Please follow along to learn about all of the pros, cons and unique features of Replay Poker.

Replay Poker - The Best Play Money Poker Site!

Replay Poker has been around since 2010, and has been the poker community’s go to play money poker site. This is the place to go if you want to experiment with new poker strategies, or just play for fun!

Replay Poker requires no downloads because it operates completely through your browser. This means that it is compatible with any computer, and doesn’t take up any space on your machine. The site is available worldwide, and it is even completely legal in the US!

Replay Poker is a play money poker site. This means that players can only risk play chips, and there is no way that they can win or lose any real money. Replay Poker offers a variety of poker games such as Hold’Em, Omaha, and Royal Poker.

They offer these games in all of the most popular formats: Ring Games, Sit & Go Tournaments, and Multi-Table Tournaments. Let’s take a more in-depth look at their user interface and unique features!

Replay Poker Dashboard

When you first log into Replay Poker, you see a beautiful dashboard that lets you quickly hop into the game of your choice. This feature is very useful, as it allows you to start playing poker within seconds of logging into the site. The dashboard is comprised of the Ring Games and Tournaments sections.

Replay Poker Dashboard

Replay Poker Ring Games

The first section on the dashboard is Ring Games. Here, Replay Poker shows you three featured ring games, which you can join at the click of a button. These are full ring No Limit Hold’Em tables at varying stakes, usually with one seat open. Alternatively, you can click the “All Ring Games” button to see a list of all available ring games on the site.

Replay Poker Tournaments

The second section on the dashboard is Tournaments. Replay Poker shows you three featured tournaments. You can also register for these with the click of a button.

The interface shows you the buy-in price and the prize pool for each tournament. These tournaments are usually multi-table tournaments which are either in late registration or close to being full. If you don’t see a tournament you like, click the “All Tourneys” button to see a full list of tournaments available on the site.

Replay Poker Lobby

Next to the Dashboard button, you will see the “Lobby” button. By clicking this, you can see a full list of all games running on Replay Poker. There will be three tabs that you can choose from: “Ring Games”, “Sit & Go Tournaments” and “Multi-Table Tournaments”.

By selecting one of these tabs, you can see a list of games running in that format, along with specific details. Once you select a game, an image will pop on the right-hand side with more details, and you will be able to join the game by clicking “Open Table”.

Replay Poker Lobby
Replay Poker User Interface

Once you decide to actually join a game, a separate Adobe Flash powered browser window will open. The user interface is simple, yet beautiful. It is fairly easy even for beginners to understand how to make every action.

The interface is quite similar to the interface from America’s Card Room. You will see all your possible actions in the bottom right, and a simple chat box in the bottom left. An automated dealer will announce each action in the chat, in case you get distracted.

Replay Poker User Interface
Replay Poker Hand Replay

Is this where Replay Poker gets their name from? It might be, because they have an amazing hand replay system. By clicking on the “Replay” button, you can browse through your hand history, and see a complete replay of any hand. This will show a complete reenactment of the hand, including every action and street.

It will also give you details about the players, game type, blinds and pot size. This is the perfect tool for players that are trying to improve their game. You can revisit any hand and carefully review your mistakes. Replay Poker even allows you to easily share any hand on social media!

Hand Replay

How Do You Get Chips on Replay Poker?

You might be wondering how to get chips on Replay Poker. What happens when you lose all of your chips? Do you have an infinite supply?

When you fist register for Replay Poker, you start with 2,500 play chips. Furthermore, for each of the first 5 days that you log in, you will gain an additional 2500 chips. From then on you can top-up with 2,500 when your balance reaches zero.

There are also alternative methods for gaining chips. For example, there is a referral system. If you refer a friend, both you and your friend will be granted a bonus of 10,000 chips.

As a last resort, or if you want to play higher stakes right away, you can purchase chips for real money. The price for this is roughly $1.00 for 10,000 play chips. This is completely optional, and you can play the game without ever spending any money!

Acquring Chips

Replay Poker Review

Now that we’ve shown you all of the features from Replay Poker, we want to give you our comprehensive review. In our opinion, Replay Poker is the best play money poker site currently available. It is super easy to use and get started.

Replay Poker Landing Page

You can go from signing up to playing in a game in under a minute! We like the fact that there is no download required, and appreciate the convenient dashboard feature that lets you hop into a game with no time wasted.

Furthermore, play chips are rather easy to acquire, but there is no infinite supply. You are never forced to spend money, but you also feel like you have something to lose.

The user interface for Replay Poker is perfect. It has a classic look, and is very easy to operate. We are also huge fans of the hand replay system, which allows you to study your actions and even share hands with your friends.

The Replay Poker site is perfect for beginner poker players that are interested in improving their skills, but don’t want to risk real money. It cultivates a great learning environment.

The main downside of Replay Poker is that it not available for mobile! A lot of people would love to play in a play money poker game on the go, but they do not have this option. It would be great if they developed a mobile app.

The other downside is that of any play money poker site: you can only play with play money! This is both a blessing and a curse. Unfortunately, most people who are playing with play money feel like they have nothing to lose. As a result, when you transition to actual poker your opponents playing styles might be completely different.

Replay Poker Reviews from Other Sources

What does the online poker community think of Replay Poker? From what we have seen, there is a generally popular opinion of the play money poker site. Let’s see what some reliable poker information sites have to say.

9to5Poker: “They offer a practical way to learn without risking it all against sharks and let you put theory into action.”

CardsChat Forum: “Much better than the total social poker I played on before.”

OnlinePokerAmerica: “Beautiful user interface and experience.”

EasyBetCasino: “Replay Poker is the home of fun and recreational poker. It is an amazing place to rub shoulders with all types of poker players.”

What Next? Replay Poker Alternatives

As we have said, Replay Poker is perfect for beginners who are looking to improve their poker skills. This begs the question, where should you play once you feel comfortable risking real money?

Our top recommendations are PokerBros and Global Poker. These are the two top real money poker platforms currently available on the market.


PokerBros is a poker software that allows players to play in private online clubs and compete for real money. It is used by hundreds of thousands of players from across the world, and it’s legal to use in the US. PokerBros is available on iOS, Android and Windows. Check out our Getting Started page for a guide on downloading and registering for PokerBros.

PokerBros is simply a platform for people to launch their clubs, but it does not handle transactions. In order to make deposits and cashouts, players must go through agents that are affiliated with the clubs.

Here at PokerBros, we act as a reliable agent, handling all withdrawals & deposits while also providing to access to the best and most trustworthy clubs on the PokerBros, app. To read a complete review and guide for PokerBros, please check out our guide.

Global Poker

Global Poker is another poker platform that allows you to compete for real money. Like PokerBros, they have a beautiful interface and it is very easy to get started.

The main difference between these two apps is that Global Poker actually handles all transactions. They use a legal loophole where all their games are “sweepstakes”, which allows them to operate in the US legally. However, they only operate in the US & Canada, and not any other country.

NOTE: Exercise caution, because they allow you to deposit from anywhere in the world, but you can only withdraw from North America.

Global Poker has a huge user base, and is extremely popular in the US. They attract a lot of new and inexperienced players, and therefore it is a good place to put your poker skills to work. However, we again recommend to exercise caution, because these operators are playing with fire. This legal loophole can be closed by the US government at any time, and your funds could be at risk. Paypal has already banned Global Poker from using their service. Due to this, we recommend that you do not deposit more than you need to play.


After conducting a thorough review of Replay Poker, we would highly recommend this platform to beginner and recreational poker players. We believe it is a great place to hone your skills and have some fun playing poker.

We want to emphasize that it is only one of many tools for improving at poker, and success on this site will not necessarily translate to success against experienced players. Once you become comfortable playing on Replay Poker, it is recommended to try playing low stakes on a real money poker app like PokerBros, or Global Poker.

We are not affiliated in any way with Replay Poker. To learn more about them or start playing, check out their site.

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