All you need to start on the app where everyone plays

Does online poker catch your interest? Curious about how so many of the players at your local card games are always playing on phone apps like PokerBros? Everyone’s playing online now!

But how does one even discover a club? WHO are you able to trust to handle your chips? However does one understand all the games and options offered on the app?

Our guide will answer every question you may have, either sharpening your skills or just allowing you to participate in all of the exciting poker action that you’ve been missing out on.

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Chapter 1:


PokerBros is a social poker game that was released in 2019. It’s primarily a mobile app that’s only accessible for iOS and Android in native format. PPPoker, Upoker, and Pokerrrr2 are similar programs.

On PokerBros, there are two ways to play: free gold coin games offered by the app itself, and exclusive clubs. You won’t be able to search for or browse through private clubs; instead, you’ll need a special invite code from another player or recruiter.
So, what goes on in the exclusive clubs? They can be used to host poker games with your friends, while PokerBros does not endorse playing for real money and is not connected in any way with money transfers.

As far as PokerBros is concerned, all games are played for chips which have no monetary value. PokerBros is able to stay on the Apple App and Google Play stores despite the fact that real-money poker and gambling apps are not permitted.

What are the advantages of playing on PokerBros?

Playing on PokerBros may appear to be more bothersome than it’s worth. After all, you can’t simply download the app, deposit money, and begin playing. Why would you go out of your way to find an exclusive club?

  • Trust: Please believe us when we say that getting into a private club isn’t difficult. If you check with others at your local card room or home game, you’ll find that someone there either belongs to or even manages a club.

    As a result, your connection to the club will most likely be someone you know personally and see on a daily basis.

    Of course, that doesn’t imply you can trust them right away, but most individuals feel more at ease dealing with a familiar face than with an anonymous online cashier at a real-money poker site.

  • Variety of games:  PokerBros boasts one of the most diverse game libraries of any online poker site. Period.

    Although No Limit Hold’Em remains the most popular game, they also offer a variety of other poker variants if you become weary of playing with only two cards.

  • Action tables: PokerBros offers action tables, which require all players to play a particular percentage of hands or they will be instantly ejected from the table.

    These tables are ideal for players who enjoy playing a large number of hands and dislike playing with nits.

  • Great software: PokerBros’ software is the most user-friendly, with the most functionality and the fewest bugs. Every week, they add new features and improve the existing ones.

  • Tight Security: PokerBros employs a full-time security crew that is on the lookout for collusion, chip dumping, and multi-accounting. Here’s how feels about PokerBros security.

What games are available at PokerBros?

PokerBros has the most game varieties and variations of any of the poker applications, far more than traditional online poker sites or any physical card club. On PokerBros’ virtual felt, you’ll find the following:

Ring Games

  • Texas Hold ‘Em: Hold ‘Em is available in no-limit, fixed-limit and short-deck (also known as 6+ hold ’em) variations.

  • Omaha: Omaha is available in pot-limit and fixed-limit, hi-low and high-only with 4, 5 and 6 card variations.

  • Open Face Chinese: Open Face Chinese (also known as OFC) is available both two and three handed in several pineapple variations including Ultimate and Joker.

  • Other Variations: Include pineapple and crazy pineapple hold ’em, double-board games, antes, straddles and more.


  • Multitable Tourneys: Multitable tourneys (also known as MTTs) with large fields and huge guranteed prize pools.

  • Sit-N-Goes: Single-table tournaments that start automatically when enough people enter.

  • Spin-N-Goes: A special type of Sit-N-Go that usually runs three handed with a randomized multiplier that determines the size of the prize pool.

  • Other Variations: Knock out and bounty tourneys.

Should you be concerned about cheating?

The following are two of the most common arguments to playing poker online:

“You can’t win, you are playing against robots” and

“You are playing against a bunch of people all working together”

While both of these worries are genuine, PokerBros includes a number of built-in security safeguards to solve them. They also have a full-time security team that is continually evaluating game data to catch more advanced forms of cheating.

PokerBros in-app anti-cheating measures:

  • GPS Restriction: Players may not sit at the same table if they geolocate to the same area.

  • IP Restriction: Players may not sit at the same table if they are on the same IP address.

  • Device Restriction: A player with two or more accounts on one device (such as those players using an emulator) may not sit at the same table with those accounts.

  • In-Game Captcha: Players are occasionally required to rotate a photo to a certain angle while playing. This measure drastically reduces the indicence of automated software (so called “bots”) use.

Is PokerBros a scam?

After a few tough beats, it’s reasonable to suspect that a poker site is rigged. But, before you abandon online poker in favor of the discomfort of live play, consider why PokerBros would rig its games?

The PokerBros app, unlike most poker sites, is merely a platform. They make it possible for regular individuals like you to form clubs and host games in such private clubs. Because PokerBros does not run the clubs, the outcomes of the games played there are of little importance to them.

Furthermore, club owners and players have no access to the inner working of the PokerBros software. Clubs simply set up games using the user interface provided by the app. Club owners pay PokerBros for chips and club fees – this is how PokerBros makes money.

Therefore, it is in PokerBros’ interest for the games to be as fair as possible since all they want as the app owners is for people to play on the app and to continue to play. If the games were actually rigged, people would find out and stop playing and PokerBros would not make any money.

Chapter 2:


To get PokerBros for your mobile device, simply search for “PokerBros” in the iPhone App Store or Google Play Store. On a PC, things are a little more complicated, but we will guide you through!

Downloading for Mobile

Downloading for Windows

PokerBros isn’t immediately available for PC right now. You can, however, download an emulator, which is third-party software. Emulators let you set up an Android operating system on your Windows or Mac computer. Here’s how it’s done:

1) Download an emulator and install it. There are various emulators to select from, but BlueStacks is our favorite.

2) The screen that appears when BlueStacks is launched on your PC should look like this:

3) When you click the Play Store icon, you’ll be asked to sign in using your Google account. After you’ve logged in, you’ll see the Google Play store as if you’re on a mobile device:

4) Enter “PokerBros” in the search bar. This is the app you should download:


5) Install should be selected. When the app is finished installing, a PokerBros icon will appear on your desktop. The program will load after you click that. Then you can either log in to your existing account or create a new one and start playing!

One of the benefits of using an emulator is that multi-tabling is much easier. You can launch multiple instances of the emulator, each with a different account, and browse all of your tables at the same time.

It’s worth noting that some PokerBros tables aren’t compatible with emulators. Here’s an example of what that looks like:


Downloading for Mac

If you have an Apple Silicon-powered Mac, you can use the Mac app store to download and play iPhone apps straight on your Mac. Simply type “PokerBros” into your search engine.

How to create an account

Follow these steps to establish an account when you first open the PokerBros app after downloading it.

1) Select “Register”.

2) Input the username and password you want to use. Please keep in mind that the username you put here will NOT be the same as the name that displays on the tables when you play. After that, you’ll choose a name.


3) Type in the nickname you want. At the tables, this is the name you’ll use. If you like, you can use the default name.


4) Now that you’ve created an account, you’re ready to start playing.

Chapter 3:


We advise getting the free-to-play gold lobby games once you’ve created an account on the PokerBros app to get a feel for the software. The interface on the gold-coin tables is identical to that of the exclusive club tables.

Once you’ve become used to the software, you’ll most likely want to join a private club where you can play with your pals.

Where can I find a private club?

On PokerBros, there are a variety of options for finding private clubs. Asking people you know and trust at your local card room or game is generally the best way.

If you aren’t having luck locating a PokerBros group through a personal contact, the next step is to conduct some online research. You should be able to find possibilities by searching for “PokerBros clubs” on Google, Facebook, Instagram, or Reddit.

If you wind up contacting certain clubs you found online, we advise you to proceed with caution. Starting a PokerBros club has no barriers to join, and some clubs are unquestionably more respected than others.

Examine social media reviews and posts to discover how long it takes for someone to respond.

What are the differences between private PokerBros clubs?

There are several ways in which PokerBros clubs might set themselves apart. Different player pools and game selections are the most apparent. True private clubs will have a one-of-a-kind player pool and may offer a one-of-a-kind table selection.

Most of the larger clubs, on the other hand, are members of a union, and each union will use the same player pool and tables. So, what’s the difference between playing for two clubs from the same league?

Inside the same union, PokerBros clubs can compete primarily on service and player policies. Some clubs provide reliable service 24 hours a day, while others make players wait hours for chips. Bonuses and awards will also vary greatly amongst clubs.

As a result, when assessing a possible club, you should assess the response of their admin or management, as well as inquire about bonuses and prizes.

How do I actually join a club on the PokerBros app?

You’ll need a club ID number to apply to a private club on the PokerBros app. A referrer ID number may also be offered to you as an alternative.

Simply click the magnifying glass in the main app lobby (see below), enter the club and referrer ID (if applicable) in the proper sections that open up, and then click the “Next” button. Before the club will appear in your lobby, you must first be accepted by a club manager or administrator.


What is an agent and do I need one?

An agent is essentially a go-between between a player and a team. Agents may have personal relationships with a large number of players or be skilled marketers. In either case, agents refer players to clubs in exchange for a share of the fees generated by such players while they are on the field.

Certain clubs refuse to take players directly and instead depend on agents to swap chips for them. Other teams will not work with agents at all. Often these organizations are willing to cooperate with agencies and will also accept players who approach them directly. So, as a player, which is preferable?

When searching for a PokerBros club, you should look for someone you can trust to conduct your chip swaps. Many players choose to play on PokerBros in the first place because these clubs are built on trust and interpersonal ties.

Because of the trust element, you should probably go through a reputed PokerBros agent if you already know one.

But what if you don’t know anyone who can help you get an agent?

If you’re merely looking for a PokerBros club to join and play with over the internet, you’re better off joining a club directly rather than going through an unknown agent.

This is due to the fact that clubs are held to a higher standard than agents. Building and maintaining a club’s reputation takes a lot of effort. Union clubs are strictly held to a much higher standard because they risk being kicked out of their league if they do not treat their players and other clubs professionally. Anyone, on the other hand, may create a social media presence and claim to be an agent.

What is a union, and which unions are the best?

On PokerBros, you probably overheard folks say they belong to a special union. So, what exactly does that imply? A PokerBros union is a collection of clubs that have banded together to combine their player pools. Players from each club have access to the same tables and can play with one another.

Why would a team decide to form a union?

Assume you have a 100-member club that plays games twice a week. You could run games four times a week if you formed a union with another 100-player club. As a result of pooling player pools, both clubs profit from being able to run more games, more frequently!

Is it important to you as a player whether you play in a union or not? In most cases, no, however unions tend to have a lot more tables than independent clubs. This does not, however, imply that you “join a union” as a player. Instead, you’d join a union-affiliated club.

If you’re looking for a club, you might inquire if their club is a member of a union and, if so, which one. What are some of the most effective labor unions? These are the three main unions with a large number of players from the United States:

  • Diamond Union: By a wide amount, Diamond Union is the most popular union on PokerBros. During busy times, they have hundreds of ring game tables running with microstakes up to 5/10. (6 PM to midnight EST). Every night, there is a major guarantee event, and they frequently organize large MTT series with large prize pools. Diamond Union’s games are regarded as the softest of any significant union. Read our complete Diamond Union review.

  • PanAmericana Union: PanAmericana Union is the second biggest union on PokerBros.  The games are regarded as some of the toughest however they are the one union to offer high stakes (up to 25/50).

  • Run Good Streets (RGS): Run Good Streets (RGS) Union:  RGS doesn’t get much activity during off-peak hours but they have soft games and some atypical game structures.

Chapter 3:


PokerBros is a terrific program with a ton of complex features, but they don’t do a great job of describing where everything is and how it works. This chapter will provide you with an in-depth look at the PokerBros software.

What are the gold lobby games?

In the main PokerBros app lobby, you’ll notice banners for gold lobby Holdem, Six Plus Holdem, Omaha, OFC, and Tournaments. Everyone is welcome to play these games, which are played for PokerBros gold coins, which have no monetary value. When you create a new account on PokerBros, you will be given some gold coins to begin with. You can buy more straight through the PokerBros app if you run out.

Gold coin games are a terrific method to practice and familiarize yourself with games you haven’t tried before.

Navigating the Main Lobby


1. Avatar/Avatar Menu: This is your avatar, which you will see at the tables while playing. When you click on the avatar, a pop-up menu appears with many options:

  • Change Avatar: Change your avatar by clicking the edit icon next to it. You can repeat this process as many times as you want. Some avatars are free, while others require a certain level of VIP card to choose from. You may also turn off all avatars by selecting “Off” from the “Show Avatars” menu.

  • Change Nickname: To modify your nickname, click the edit icon next to it. Please keep in mind that you will only be allowed to do this once for free. Changing your moniker again will cost you gems.

  • Career Playing Stats: This button will provide various statistics regarding your PokerBros app playing history.

  • Hand History: This button will display your last six days’ hand histories.

  • Tags: While at the tables, this button will display all of the tags and notes you’ve added to the other players.

2. Nickname: This is the nickname you’ll be called at the tables while you play. Using the Avatar menu, you can modify it (see number 1).

3. Player ID: This is the number that identifies you as a player. Even if you modify your moniker, it will not be shown at the tables and will not change.

4. Main Menu: This is the primary app menu, where you can change your password, connect an email address to your account, switch on and off the sound, and so on.

5. VIP Card: If you have a VIP card, it will be displayed here, along with the number of days till it expires.

6. Gold Coin Balance: By pressing the “+” button next to your gold coin balance in the app store, you can buy extra gold coins.

7. Diamond Balance: Your diamonds are linked to your account and can be utilized in any of the clubs to which you belong. By tapping the “+” button next to your diamond balance in the app store, you can purchase diamonds.

8. Create a New Club: This button will allow you to create a new club.

9. Join an Existing Club: This button allows you to apply to any club for which you have a club ID number. A club’s ID number is the only way to find out more information about it.

10. Clubs: This is where you can see all of the clubs in which you are a member. The gold-coin games can also be accessible from this page. Swiping left or right on the club banners will take you to all of them. The lobby of a club can be accessed by clicking on its icon.

11. Daily Bonus: Click here to receive your daily gold coin bonus from PokerBros.

12. Gold Coin Tournaments: Here you will find the daily free-to-play gold coin tournaments.

13. Daily Draw: Here you can win more gold coins.

14. Tournament Information: This button will display all of the tournaments for which you have signed up.

15. Mail Box: This is where you’ll get messages from the PokerBros app. You’ll get a notification here if you’re accepted into a new club, for example.

16. Gold Coin Challenges: Listed are a number of gold coin milestone challenges. As a reward for finishing the challenges, you will receive more gold coins.

17. PokerBros App Shop: Gold coins, diamonds, VIP cards, extra time banks, and emojis may all be purchased here.

Navigating the Club Lobbies

  1. Player Account Information: Your current avatar, nickname, and player ID number are displayed here.

  2. Diamond Balance: The total amount of diamonds in your account.

  3. Exit to Main App Lobby: Returns to the previous lobby.

  4. Bad Beat Jackpot: The current prize pool amount will be presented here if your club or union has a bad beat jackpot. When you click on the bad beat jackpot symbol, a pop-up window will appear, revealing all of the prize’s rules.

  5. Club Information: This shows the club icon, name and ID number.

  6. Club Join Link: When you do this, you’ll be given an app store url that you may share with others that want to join the same PokerBros clubs as you. When they use this link to download the app, they will be instantly added to the club.

  7. Chip Balance: This displays the number of chips available for use at the tables. If you are a member of more than one club, each club’s chip balance will be different. Chips cannot be transferred between clubs.

  8. Club Banner: Some clubs may have information about themselves on this page. It’s possible that some teams have left it blank.

  9. Union Posters: When you click this, a pop-up window will appear with any posters that your union has up.

  10. Game Filters: This filter may be used to isolate the games that you are most interested in playing. The most basic level of filtering is for the general game type (Hold ‘Em, Omaha, MTT, etc.). The second level filter is accessed by clicking the yellow triangle on the far right side of the filter. This enables for stakes and table status filtering (running, empty and full). The advanced filter is accessed by clicking the hamburger icon on the second-level filter.

  11. Game Table List:This is where you’ll find all of the accessible gaming tables. Swiping up and down will allow you to scroll through them. If you click on a table, you will be sent to the table itself or, if the table is for a pending tournament, to the registration lobby. By clicking at a table, you will not be instantly seated or registered.

  12. PokerBros App Messages: These are the same messages from the main app lobby.

  13. Cashier: This will keep track of any chips that have been added or deleted from your account.

  14. Player Admin Section: This is where you can find information about the games you’ve played, as well as current union posters and the option to leave the club.

What is a VIP card?

VIP cards grant you exclusive privileges while playing and may be purchased with diamonds. When you click on the VIP card icon in the main app lobby (next to your avatar), a window will appear that details all of the perks and costs connected with each type of VIP card.

What are diamonds used for and where can I get them?

VIP cards and additional things such as time banks and emoticons are purchased with diamonds. In the main app lobby, click the + icon next to the diamond balance to purchase diamonds. Any diamonds you purchase will be charged to the card linked to the app store.


Do you give a bonus for referring a player?

Yes we do. Contact us on Telegram Messaging App @pokerclubsbros for more info.

Can I send one deposit to credit chips to two accounts?

Yes, just make sure to let us know which accounts to credit and the amount you would like to have credited to each account.

Is there a phone number I can text?

No, you can either contact us through email or Telegram messenger @pokerclubsbros with any questions.

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