Pokerbros Review & Guide (The Second Golden Age of Poker)

We all miss the good ol’ days of online poker, the Golden Age circa 2003-2011. A time when the games were soft, amateur players were everywhere, and money was practically falling from the sky. Those days are long gone… Or are they? With the emersion of new play-money poker clients, such as Pokerbros, we are seeing a revival of online poker. Pokerbros is an application that allows you to play poker in private online clubs.

Pokerbros Application User Interface

Getting into one of these private Pokerbros clubs is like taking a time machine back to the Golden Age. The majority of players are inexperienced, games are soft, and action is plentiful.

Join us and lets jump into the increasingly lucrative world of online poker, visible through the lens of the Pokerbros client.

The Second Golden Age of Online Poker

The first Golden Age started when Chris Moneymaker won the 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event. A wave of amateur players hit the internet, all hoping to replicate Moneymaker’s success and get rich by playing poker. 

During these years, regulation for online poker was minimal. Players were depositing money with ease, and learning as they went. Poker sites were filled with soft games at every stake. 

Chris Moneymaker: Catalyst for 2003 Poker Boom

As time went on, the worst players started losing all of their money. New information was popping up online; training courses, guides, tips & tricks. Poker players were improving across the board, and being “good” was no longer good enough. Finding an edge and remaining profitable was getting harder and harder.

Finally, the last straw came with “Black Friday”.

HISTORY LESSON: April 15, 2011, the day when the United States government passed major regulations on websites providing online poker services. Players faced huge barriers that were stopping them from playing poker online. 

This also affected players from across the globe. All poker sites had to become more strict with background checks, ensuring that they knew who all of their players were and where they were located. As a result, many new players were disincentivized from playing poker online; unwilling to jump through the hoops required to sit at their first table.  

Despite all these factors, the game of Poker did not die. Particularly in the US, there was a huge shift towards live games. People were flocking to casinos, enticed by the idea that they could outsmart their opponents to win some cash.

At the same time, many underground brick and mortar games began popping up; places where friends and locals could get together and play in poker cash games. Through word of mouth, new players were finding opportunities where they could go to test their skills and gamble.

The Arrival of Pokerbros

Pokerbros is one of the few poker clients that emerged around 2017, allowing home game organizers to bring their games to the web. Organizers have the ability to create their own private club on the Pokerbros application, and invite all of their players. 

All of the clubs on Pokerbros are run entirely through play money chips, and players deal directly with club owners and agents to deposit their money and withdraw their winnings. Essentially, Pokerbros is taking live, local cash games and fusing them with online poker.

Pokerbros benefits the online poker community; it is the Second Golden Age of online poker. Many of the players in these private Pokerbros clubs are live cash game players. 

They are players who enjoy playing poker in their free time, not grinders who consider poker their main source of income. As a result, the clubs on Pokerbros have some of the softest games available online. 

It is easy to find tons of action at all stakes, because the players are used to the soft, high-stakes action which is standard at live games. You can sign-up and start playing completely anonymously. There are no background checks required, it doesn’t matter what country you are located in, and deposits are easy.

 Simply contact an agent for a Pokerbros club that is accepting players, choose one of various payment methods, and get started. Online poker is back!

What is the Pokerbros Application?

Pokerbros is a poker client which you can download for iOS, Android or Windows. For a detailed explanation on how to install the application, please refer to this guide.

Pokerbros is a play money app that gives you the ability to play in games online. It originated in China, where government regulations prohibit any form of online gambling.

The application is now being used by poker players from across the globe. 

The main purpose of Pokerbros is to allow anyone to open their own private club. Club owners then invite players, and open tables for games such as No Limit Hold’Em, Pot Limit Omaha, Open Face Chinese. The club owners have full control over the chips in their club, as well as the stakes of the games being played.

Available Game Types on Pokerbros

Thinklean Limited, the creators of the Pokerbros client, have put in substantial  effort to ensure that Pokerbros is the most technologically advanced and user-friendly app on the market. The attention to detail is clearly visible; their tables and graphics are slick and easy to read. The app also runs in portrait mode so there is no need to rotate your device while playing. To ensure a safe playing experience, the client is constantly updated and bug free.

NOTE: Pokerbros holds a certification from Gaming Laboratories International, an independent company which ensures that the software adheres to the principle of strict randomness and players have no advantage over one another. Club owners have the ability to enforce IP and GPS restrictions, in order to ensure fair gameplay.  

The team at is not affiliated in any way with the PPPoker client or AceKing Tech Limited. For more information about their software, please visit their site. 

Benefits of Using Pokerbros

The state of online poker has been in decline since 2003, issues include:

    • Top poker sites being filled with sharks, making it difficult to find an edge and play profitably. By comparison, it was easier to make a consistent profit playing $5/$10 stakes in the mid 2000s than playing $0.25/$0.50 stakes today.


    • Many poker sites are littered with bots; computer programs that are designed to consistently exploit players.


  • Based on where you live, certain sites won’t allow you to sign up.

The solution is finally here: Pokerbros.

Pokerbros is a play money app, which allows it to avoid all regulations. No background information required. Sign up anonymously! You deal directly with an agent, whose duty is to ensure you are satisfied. 

The app caters mainly to amateur players. Here’s how:

  • It is designed for use on a phone or tablet. Perfect for players on the go, and those that are just trying to kill time (A.K.A Fish!).


  • There are no built-in features for multi-tabling, which sharks rely on.
  • No support for professional HUDs or other stat tracking software. There are only basic stats provided by Pokerbros, such as VPIP (Voluntarily Put Money In Pot).
  • Most players are found by club owners locally. These players are generally inexperienced in comparison to online vets.

The entire player pool of Pokerbros is divided into private clubs. Benefits include:

  • The club managers have total control over their players, and the ability to remove players with suspicious behavior. As a result, bots are almost non-existent.

  • Creating a competitive environment. In order to retain players, club managers are incentivized to build a solid reputation, and provide better conditions than other clubs.

  • Being a part of multiple clubs gives you access to multiple player pools, and makes selecting soft games easier.
poker bros clubs
Poker Bros Interface
Choosing a Pokerbros Club

Every club listed on is part of a large Pokerbros Union, meaning that the club shares tables with 15+ other private clubs. Therefore, by joining these clubs, you get access to the player pool of 45+ different PPPoker clubs, with thousands of active players and hundreds of tables running nonstop. Enjoy the benefit of being able to find soft, action-packed cash games online at any hour of the day.

Below, you can see a list of the clubs we are partnered with. Please visit our Clubs page for more detailed information.

pokerbrosclubs clubs
Choose a club to play in!
Payment Options After Joining a PPPoker Club

Once you join a private club on the PPPoker app, you will have to deposit funds before you start playing. In order to do this, you will have to find and contact an agent that is affiliated with your desired club.

EXAMPLE: If you join a club that is listed on, they can make this process easy for you. Simply contact us, choose your preferred payment method and we will process your deposit as soon as possible.

The staff is working 24/7, and player satisfaction is their top priority.

NOTE: The staff at can also arrange other custom payment methods based on unique requests. 

How to Win Big on PPPoker

Before I wrap up, here are some simple tips and strategy that you should follow if you want to start winning on Poker Bros:

  •  Utilize Bankroll Management. Only play stakes that you are comfortable with. Poker involves luck, so make sure to split up your funds into multiple buy-ins. This helps combat variance and will prevent you from going broke.
  • To start, focus on playing at one table. Once you get comfortable, you can start playing on multiple tables at once. This will increase the number of hands you play, and will make you more profitable in the long run. This isn’t a built in feature, but follow this guide I made to learn how to multi-table.
  • Consider using a Loose Aggressive strategy. Each poker player has their own style, but I think a LAG style works particularly well in the private Poker Bros Clubs. This style will let you to take advantage of players with less experience than you by outplaying them post flop. The most basic stat that people look at is an opponent’s VPIP (Voluntarily Put Money in Pot). For more information on stats, check out this guide. If you play a lot of hands, players will overcall your value bets. In addition, some clubs open tables where only players above a certain VPIP are allowed. This is where you will find a lot of action. There are a lot of whales who play every pot and throw their money away.

Don’t miss out on the Second Golden Age of Online Poker! Join today, and start making money online ASAP. Simply contact the team through email, telegram or by submitting the form on the page of the desired club you wish to join and get access to a private PPPoker club today.

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